Job and the question of life, the universe and everything

25 04 2008

I was reading Job the other day, and something in the intro really struck me. Satan pops up to a heavenly council, and God just has to ask whether he has noticed Job, and how there is no one like him on the earth, blameless and upright, fearing God and turning away from evil. (Job 1)

Satan says sure, he’s got everything – large family, wealth, great job, prestige – because You protect him. Naturally he can live a righteous life; but mess with him and he’ll curse You.

So God says to go ahead, mess with whatever you want, just don’t touch him.

So Satan does – wipes him out completely: killed the kids, raided the herds, took over his pasture, stole the servants. But Job doesn’t blame God, blessing him instead.

Satan shows up at the council again, and God says, “Well?” (Job 2)

And Satan says, “Yeah, didn’t do so well; but touch him and he’ll change his tune!”

God says to go ahead, just don’t kill him.

So Satan inflicts him with horrible sores, he looses weight, his breathe stinks, and that’s just the beginning. But through it all Job does not curse God.

And it seems to me that that is the crux of the question about our life on earth: whether we, regardless of circumstances, continue to trust and bless God. Satan says it can’t be done; God says that, with His strength, it can; Earth is the laboratory where the question is tested.




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28 04 2008
Matt W.

I enjoyed reading this and similar stories/post/etc.

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