29 04 2008

A quick note to give props to my favorite netcast: Security Now! with Steve Gibson, with Leo Laporte playing the part of the straight man. (Someone has to read the emails from listeners for Steve to answer, and ask the dumb, er, clarifying, questions! Leo is an excellent host, and brings his own expertise to the mix as well.)

Over the course of program – around 3 years at this point – Steve & Leo have built a solid foundation of security and “how to” information about how crypto, the internet, and routers work, and why one needs – or can do without – various security applications such as firewalls and virus checkers.

Anyone who wants to be knowledgeable about computer security would be well served to start here.

The entire library of programs, and show notes, are available at, though the current program is always at

But don’t stop there! Steve’s genius manifests itself through a variety of applications to help computer users in a variety of ways. And be sure to give a serious look at SpinRite. It has saved many home and commercial users’ harddrives.




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