Tyranny of stuff

8 05 2008

We are defined by that to which we are enslaved. (I wonder if my English teacher would have liked that sentence?) Or at least that statement is true to some extent. I think we become more aware of it at times, and sometimes the awareness is so clear that we vow to make changes. That’s probably how “Spring Cleaning” got started.

Spring cleaning is fine for some folks. Maybe those in Lake Wobegon, though they are all above average so don’t fall to being held captive by such trivial chains. Others require more drastic measures, like moving every 5 years.

George Carlin has a famous piece about stuff – the Internet is littered with transcriptions, videos from various performances, and allusions to it. It really is a great piece, and if you’ve not heard or read it, take the time to check it out. He’s George Carlin so it’s not meant for children, but the material is golden.

I also came across this blog on “Stuff-onomics that addresses stuff from a different perspective. I’ve noticed it when I’ve come back from vacations, and you may have as well. Take a couple more minutes and read it, it certainly addresses stuff at a deeper level, though not necessarily in such an entertaining way.

On a more personal note, I have been involved in cleaning out several houses after people died, and realized how much stuff we tend to accumulate. Each time I have come home and vowed to do better at managing my own stuff, and have made some progress. Don’t visit my office – you will find that I am not as good at DOING as I am at realizing that it is something that needs to be done. My excuse – for the moment, at least – is T’s stuff. But we won’t discuss that sentence in any depth!




One response

15 06 2008
Simplify, Simplify « Wondering & Pondering’s Weblog

[…] But how do we simplify? In today’s world, with all the stuff, the stuff that breeds more stuff, the adds that encourage us to buy more stuff, the stuff we need to keep up with the Joneses (would someone PLEASE cut up their credit card!), and we wind up overwhelmed. I think George Carlin had something to say about our stuff. It is also known as the Tyranny of Stuff. […]

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