What can you do?

9 05 2008

An interesting article in Esquire on 75 basic skills a man should be able to do. Simple things like writing a letter and writing a thank-you letter, as well as more difficult things like being able to find your way out of the woods and hitting a jump shot in pool. Some focus on survival, others on relationships, and still others on just being able to live a good life where you are; all are about being prepared and being able to handle yourself in various situations, being responsible, being reliable, being the go-to guy.

Sounds like Scouting and related organizations, doesn’t it? I think Louis L’Amour would have approved.

Which do you find the most interesting?

What is superfluous?

What is missing?

What are the next 10, the next 5, you would add to the list?

Note: not all on the list are suitable for young ears, proceed at your own risk.

Esquire’s 75 manly skills.



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