Light painting

10 05 2008

As I’ve said elsewhere, I do like cruising’s photos and seeing what kinds of things people are doing. Light painting is pretty interesting, and here are a couple pics to show case this art form:

PIcasso did several by drawing in a darkened room with a flashlight. I remember seeing one when I was a kid, and it was absolutely astounding: a single strong, clean line from start to finish, painting a bull, a toro. Unfortunately I have never seen it again. This one from 1949 is neither as strong or clean a product.

Fortunately, Wiki tells how to do it, so I think I’ll play with it a bit.

The thing that strikes me, though, is the strong sense of “place” required. Without it, how do you draw a box for a body, then go put on a leg, then an arm, etc? Maybe it’s just practice. Maybe it’s a gift, and innate ability.

Whatever, it makes for an interesting alternate reality!




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