16 05 2008

I enjoy birding. My high school biology teacher was a birder, and took my on my first birding trip to the Lake Erie area during the spring migration of 1969. We stomped around through a drizzle looking for exotically colored and active little things, the warblers, and found them in droves. It was spectacular! I think I added something like 60 or 70 new birds to my list, and had a total of 80 or 90 for the day, while the whole group (about 20 of us) had a combined list of about 120 birds.

We also birded when on the Florida biology trip over spring break in 1969. (Thanks again, Tom!) I added a number of sub-tropical species on that trip.

And I’ve been birding, to one degree or another, ever since.

I especially enjoy the DC area because it is so diverse and has access to a wide variety of environments and habitats: Hughes Hollow, the C & O Canal and Potomac River, Huntley Meadows, Ocean City-Assateague-Chincoteague, Brigantine-Cape May, Blackwater, the lake by Dulles Airport. Wonderful diversity!

In a Maryland suburb one morning I was walking near Longbranch Creek and saw three blue birds around a mud puddle. The binoculars revealed that they were an Eastern bluebird, an Indigo bunting and a Blue grosbeak! I really need a picture to share how beautiful it was, but, alas, I didn’t have a camera.

However, I have found a few pics of bird that might pique your interest.


Indigo bunting





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