16 05 2008

Now that the school year is over, I’ve decided to write about how to learn. Timing, yeah, that’s my strong suit!

Actually, I’m getting ready to take some classes, so I’m primed to see about how to learn better, and then I saw this article about it and thought it was timely and appropriate for me, so why not make you all suffer with the information?

Of course we’re all learning all the time, and these tips can prove beneficial in a number of environments, not only the classroom. As I looked at them I thought about meetings. I’ve been to a number of meetings, and conducted a number of them myself. I try to have an agenda and stick to it, start on time and quit as soon as possible so the meeting is productive and efficient. But not all meetings are that way, and I wasn’t always able to make my meetings as productive and efficient. If everyone who attended the meetings came prepared, stuck to the agenda, asked good questions, took good notes, and kept their notes and work organized, the meetings and the work afterward could have gone better.

Sermons – the good ones that share useful information and are not just “feel good” sermons – could also be viewed as a class situation where these tips would apply.

Seminars are really classes, aren’t they? That is if you actually ARE in the seminar and not out on the golf course somewhere.

Conversations with co-workers, spouses, children, neighbors – all may benefit from some of these study tips.

So, check it out. Think about the tips and your life, and how you might be able to integrate them into your work or home situations.

Improving how you learn.




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