On finding palm trees in the Appalachians

16 05 2008

Haven’t – yet. But it really wouldn’t surprise me, the way things are going.

But brown pelicans are regularly seen now in New Jersey and farther north, and have documented nesting sites in Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey. Back in the day you never saw them north of the Carolinas.

The first warm Christmas anyone in my family remembers was around 1963 or 1964. Before that we always had snow, and lots of it, that lasted from around Thanksgiving until March or April. Now a whole generation of kids are growing up in DC deprived of the sledding experience

And ice skating? That’s something relegated to the safety and comfort of ice rinks, primarily because ponds and lakes don’t get cold enough to freeze like it did in central Ohio when I was in high school. After a snow storm everyone went to the lake with shovels and made paths and hockey rinks and areas to play crack the whip. We had bonfires on the lake surrounded by 250 night skaters. Now? They probably go midnight canoeing!

All of us with some serious life experience behind us can point to environmental changes we’ve observed over the years, but it’s hard for us to know whether it’s truly related to global warming or simply a part of the weather cycle. After all, after Krakatoa blew up the world’s weather got significantly colder for quite some time, and maybe we’re simply experiencing something similar.

Enter NASA, aggregating a bunch (80 or so) environmental studies from around the world, and looking at them at world and continent perspectives. Check out the NASA study on global warming for yourself.




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