Microsoft’s Endless Summer – but not in a good way

18 05 2008

That title may be just a little to obscure for many netizens. Back in the day some surfers went around the world surfing at prime locations. The collected film (not video!) was assembled into a real surfer movie called Endless Summer. It is a great surfing montage, including one clip from South Africa where one of the guys caught a wave that broke beautifully, and went on and on and on so long the camera man (one of the other surfers) ran out of film, changed to a new spool of film, and finished filming the ride. Just spectacular!

Less spectacular is Microsoft’s version, where the surfer installs XP SP3 and reboots, only to find his machine relegated to a useless piece of equipment that endlessly consumes electricity, but never finishes the boot process. And unfortunately, Microsoft has yet to deliver a solution.

Enter an ex-Microsoftie, Jesper Johansson, who has a script available that hunts down the problem and allows you to disable the offending driver request.

But enough of my yada^3. You either don’t care or want to cut to the chase.

But if you want a little more background, you can check out the NetWorld article.




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