Parrott Head?

19 05 2008

No! Not Jimmy Buffett, but WARREN BUFFETT!

Warren Buffett, the Oracle of Omaha, can be seen on CNBC. Also, on the Internet at

Some really interesting things on this weekends’ series of shows. For anyone interested in finance or investing, it’s well worth checking out.

Some comments from these shows:

  • To the guy who wanted to invest his rebate, invest it in a no-load index fund.
  • To the guy who wanted to know how a 55 year old should invest, invest consistently over time into a no-load index fund. It gives you diversity in your portfolio, and you don’t worry about trying to time the market.
  • Read a lot of books on investing.
  • Invest in a company, which means you expect to own it for the next 10 years

A cool show!

BTW, he doesn’t want to run for President because he isn’t interested in the job, and his skill set doesn’t lend itself to the compromises or other aspects of the Presidency.




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