21 05 2008

If you’re reading this you are a fan of LOTR, and eagerly looking forward to the filming and release of the highly anticipated film version of The Hobbit. And thus a LOTR geek. And we love you for it.

So, with Peter Jackson, the mighty, the awesome, the wonderful, the master, not actually directing The Hobbit, what are your expectations? What are you looking for in The Hobbit so it will be a worthy prequel to the LOTR trilogy?

Attention to the technical details? Absolutely

Accurately portraying the Shire, and the Hobbits? Undoubtedly

An awesome and fearsome Smaug? Overwhelmingly

Golum in a loathsome lair? Positively

And we cannot forget The Riddle Game!

Deadbolt has nailed down their expectations, and are looking to share them with you.




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