Typo Police

22 05 2008

Spelling mistakes in public places can be pretty funny. Everyone has seen the picture of SOTP being painted on the road; there is even a collection of SOTP signs. Then there is the SHCOOL zone picture.

But there are everyday mistakes that don’t warrant the wide distribution of these stars. The typo police see these, can’t help but seek them out, and are then tormented by the errors.

A couple years ago a book was published that addressed the most common punctuation errors: Eats, Shoots and Leaves. The title was taken from the joke about a panda who goes into a restaurant, orders a meal, then shoots the waiter (non-fatally), then takes off. The waiter stops the panda and asks why, and the panda tosses a field guide open to the section on pandas which says, “Panda: Indigenous to China. Eats, shoots and leaves.”

Well, some of these tormented people can stand the errors only so long before they crack and turn into Typo Police. And the Chicago Tribune was there to report on the carnage.

And if I made any spelling or punctuation errors in this little piece, I do welcome correction!

(If you missed the humor in the panda joke, the problem is with the comma after “eats”. The comma makes that a list of things done: eat first, then shoot, then leave. Leaving the comma out of the description makes it a phrase describing the panda’s preference of eating shoots and leaves of plants.)




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