Bookophile’s trials and tribulations

23 05 2008

Being an avid reader, I have tons of books. And I mean that literally. The problem is how to keep them all organized and accessible. I am fortunate to have a nice hall at the base of our basement steps that just cried out for a built-in bookcase, so I built it. (It was an interesting project!) And my wife has her ton of books in a couple nice self-standing bookcases in her office. And, of course, there are other bookcases for reference books in my office and for the books currently being read.

But what if you are in an apartment, a small house, or somewhere else that doesn’t lend itself to nice built-in bookcases or a plenitude of bookcase furniture? Mother, being the invention of necessity, has bred a variety of ingenious solutions, and these people have been especially creative with their Mother.




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