Slick designs

27 05 2008

Attention to design artistry is not a new concept, but it is rare enough to be startling when we see something with a seriously well done design. Which is one reason Apple products have such a loyal following. Other products where design was of paramount importance include the

Avanti, an slick design by Studebaker, and old-school brand of automobile. Even though this is the 1963 version, it is still an awesome design.


More currently, the Bugatti is also a great design, as you can see here: Bugatti

But great design isn’t limited to automobiles, there are also motorcycles, like this Acobion: Acobion design

Though there are other interesting motorcycle designs, like this Bugatti motorcycle, though it may be more interesting because it’s different than because it is great design, though here is another view from a 1996 design. Regardless of whether their designs are “great” in the long term, they certainly are including radical types of design – artsy, art deco, streamlined, I wish I had better terms to use – that veer drastically from the frame based motocross design of the rice burners.

But great design, or at innovative designs that improve form as a part of functionality, can be applied in other areas as well, as can be seen in this strange thing below:

Orange juicer

This item from Wells’ War of the Worlds, is also seen in use below:Orange juicer in use

Or this museum in Bilbao:Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain

And too these designs can be added these concepts for slick trains, boats and planes, and these other objects that can be used in daily life.

Form over function? They don’t necessarily need to be distinct options – you can have them both.




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