100 most influential books ever written

5 06 2008

An interesting list. Not the best books, but influential books. Maybe not books that everyone should read, but influential books.

Religion, psychology, philosophy, literature, Mathematics (which is a philosophical discipline), biology, politics, physics, economics – it’s all there for the world’s leaders, educators, Renaissance Men and Women, and you. So get started reading these books. Become a Renaissance Man or Woman, and educator, a leader.

The compiler of this list of the world’s most influential books is not some light weight from no where, but a real literary heavy weight. Martin Seymour-Smith was a poet back after World War II, and became a critic and editor, and wrote a number of books on literary giants. So, when he says that a book was influential, it has been heavily researched and thought about, and weighed against other books of that and all ages.




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1 07 2008
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