Dyslexics untie!

5 06 2008

OK, that was cruel. But dyslexia is a serious stumbling block to the people who have it. (My dad is mildly dyslexic, a cousin is severely dyslexic, and a daughter-in-law is trying to find out how bad her dyslexia is.)

Dyslexia is a failure to process/translate the written language, of which scrambling letters is only one manifestation; another is scrambling the words in a sentence. And yes, there are dyslexic Chinese – people who have problems processing the pictographs/iconographs used in the Chinese (and Korean, Japanese and other similarly based) languages.

But dyslexia does not automatically mean that you will be a failure. This article lists 70 famous and/or successful people who have dyslexia of one degree or another. So check it out and be encouraged, then go out and be successful!




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