Stuff for Father’s Day

13 06 2008

Father’s Day is coming, and you’re stuck. You don’t want to get a tie (another tie). You can’t afford that monster wide screen TV that pops up out of the floor. Or get a shirt (another shirt). That Bentley is definitely out of the question. And you are close to getting stuck with that fall back of last recourse: money. So what are you to do?

Let’s face it, you are a geek, and probably got you got your geekness from the Old Man. Maybe he isn’t into computers, but there is some other area where he is as knowledgeable with the minutiae of the field as you are about computers. Or games. Or whatever. Well share that common ground, that geekness, and let this article in the Chicago Trib help you zero in on the right gadget for the old geezer, and maybe bring him into the current century.




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