Windows Secrets

13 06 2008

Windows Secrets is an informational web site and a newsletter providing lots of useful information about Windows, Windows security, Windows tuning tips and tricks, and other types of Windows problems and work arounds. Every IT guy, or any home geek who has Windows or provides help to others who run Windows, should have the Windows Secrets site among their favorites.

Which is a great place to read articles regularly, but what about keeping up with on-going information? Well, as I said, there is a collection of newsletters to provide you with information on various bits and pieces of the Microsoft’s various operating systems. This link takes you to the edition of the news letter dated June 12, 2008.

From that edition come these two search add-ons to help you better look for information about that pesky Windows problem you are having:

Now go ye forth, search, fix, prosper.




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