Simplify, Simplify

15 06 2008

Thoreau, while “living” in a shack at Walden Pond, advocated that we “Simplify, simplify,” as the laws of the universe would be simpler, and, in turn, our lives. And a quote popular with generations of college students – and others – was born.

But how do we simplify? In today’s world, with all the stuff, the stuff that breeds more stuff, the adds that encourage us to buy more stuff, the stuff we need to keep up with the Joneses (would someone PLEASE cut up their credit card!), and we wind up overwhelmed. I think George Carlin had something to say about our stuff. It is also known as the Tyranny of Stuff.

But I digress. How can we get control over our stuff? Do we have to revert to being hippies and earth mothers?

Not necessarily. There are TV shows to help us! And the host of one of the shows is getting pretty extreme: trying to get down to 100 items. And interesting concept. And what kind of rationalizing goes on? Well, he does count 2 shoes as a single item. I guess I can live with that.

But how can you get in on the fun, and start your own rad simplification program? Check the details in this article on How to Live With Just 100 Things.

“Simplify, simplify, simplify.”




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