A healthy lifestyle is … healthier for you

18 06 2008

It seems pretty basic: if you maintain a healthy lifestyle, you will be healthier.

Well, duh!

However, a study just published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (dateline June 17, 2008), says that a healthy lifestyle is better for you not only because you are taking in good stuff, exercising, and all that stuff that you know about, but also because of the changes to your genes.

That’s right, a healthy lifestyle has a clear and measurable impact on your genes.

According to Newsweek’s article, the study found that changing to a healthy lifestyle made significant changes to the test subjects’ genes, with bad genes turned off and good genes turned on. These changes were across the health spectrum: heart disease, cancer, and inflammation being turned off, while genes suppressing cancers were turned on.

For the medical people reading this (or the skeptics among us), you can get a PDF of the original article from the PNAS website.

So, make those lifestyle changes, and know that you are having a direct impact on how your genes are dealing with your health.



One response

20 06 2008

Thanks for that insight. So not only is living a healthy lifestyle helping me to fit into my jeans, it is also improving the health of my genes. I like hearing additional side benefits. It helps to motivate me to stay on track.

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