18 06 2008

Creativity. Is it something that can be developed, learned, improved, or are you stuck with whatever amount – great or small – of the creativity you were born with? I love to read, and I get something like some of Robert Heinlein’s earlier books, or Isaac Asimov’s collections of short works, or David Edding’s trilogies, or Robert Jordan’s massive Wheel of Time series and wonder where they got their ideas, how they got them down and organized. Then I try writing something fairly short and just sigh and how boring and pedantic my writing can be.

However, after reading this article on creativity, I’m encouraged – I just might be able to increase my creativity, I may be able to write an interesting and involved story. I might just become an author! (Don’t hold your breath – there’s more to it than just writing, though anyone can publish junk on the internet.)

So, my friends, read. Become more creative. Go out and conquer new worlds – or better the world you currently inhabit. Make us all proud!




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