18 06 2008

You’re a geek, so you probably slouch. Too much time spent playing video games, coding, reading, or whatever, feet up, scrunched down in your chair or in some other way “sitting” in a way that drives your Aunt Mamie absolutely over the top.

Well, there is no need to have poor posture. As a matter of fact, there are a number of things you can and should do to be comfortable and still have good posture. And the wonderful folks at your office, when you finally grow up and get a real job, may even include an ergonomics expert to help you adjust your chair, computer screen, keyboard, mouse, pencils, and feet for maximum comfort and minimum physically debilitating posture. Well, not the pencils, but the rest of it can be adjusted to make your office/cube as ergonomically sound as possible.

But, if you’re still in high school, college, or not yet employed, or maybe your time just bumming around at home, this article on improving your posture can help you be more comfortable and prevent doing long term damage to your body.

So, click on the link, sit up, and take notice. Your back will thank you for it.




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