Geek FAIL!

21 06 2008

Sometimes geeks are just so involved in their own stuff that they blow it in other areas.

Anyone who has stayed up late has seen the movie The Court Marshal of Billy Mitchel, or at least seen it advertised. Billy Mitchel was in the Navy and said that airplanes would make a difference in naval warfare; the Brass said no way a plane could sink a ship. Well, he sunk a ship but they made excuses, and then there was Pearl Harbor. Oops! A geek FAIL!

If that were an isolated case, it would be noted and that’s about it. However, there are BUNCHES of geek FAIL! throughout history. I’m sure that if you looked hard enough you’d find two prehistoric dudes talking, and one, the fire keeper, would be saying something like, “Ogg, you’re nuts if you think you can get fire out of rocks! Only soft rocks make fire; hard rocks have lost their fire. Even a child of 2 winters knows that.” Whereupon Ogg went off, got some tinder and started smashing 2 rocks together until puff! a nice little shower of sparks and a little wisp of smoke. Then he told the rest of the guys that he had fire, could make it whenever he wanted, so didn’t need the tribe fire keeper any more!”

Fortunately for us, we don’t have to go research those situations and find all the problems and geeks FAIL! situations, because Null Hypothesis listed a nice little collection right here for us.

As you read through the list, notice who is making these statements. These are not lightweights; rather, these are experts in their own field, and in some cases people who are every-day names to many of us: Lord Kelvin, Thomas Watson, Sr., Ernest Rutherford, Albert Einstein.

So go, enjoy seeing that these geniuses are sometimes horribly wrong.




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