RIAA approach seriously undermined

23 06 2008

EFF has weighed in on the methodology RIAA has used in suing individuals for copyright infringement, and has blasted two major holes in the very foundation of the methodology. Note that this does not address fairness of backups, having a ripped copy of a CD on your computer, or anything along those lines, just the methodology they have been using to justify their heavy-handed “sue them out of business” approach. (Isn’t that known as a frivolous suit? Isn’t that illegal, with the costs chargeable back to the one(s) who filed the suit? Oh yeah, they don’t pay expenses.)

This is an interesting article on the charge by the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) that RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) does not have a sound methodology in identifying those who violate copyrights. The article contains links to the actual document submitted to the courts by the EFF.




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