Shark Tank – stories that makes IT feel better

23 06 2008

Every once in a while you need to gather round the water cooler and swap war stories. Of course many of us live in a virtual world where we can only figuratively gather around anything we want, and in this case it is the virtual water cooler, which is the modern replacement for the cave man’s fire, England’s pubs, and so on.

War, likewise, has been virtualized as “work”, for those of us not actually serving somewhere in the military where real bullets are flying around our heads, and our war stories are about the dolts and idiots who cause us grief and bring misery to our lives.

So, gather round, geeks and nerds, and listen as ComputerWorld’s Shark Tank serves up daily doses of stories to take your minds off your own grief. And check back with them anytime your courage and patience wanes.

Those of you needing additional support, or have stories of your own to share, can add a side of Shark Bait.

And for those of you in the actual military, serving anywhere, feel free to read these stories and know that idiocy is not confined to your particular service. And we salute what you are trying to accomplish and wish you a speedy return to the arms of your family, in good health and safety.




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