Debt. Reduction.

24 06 2008

For years Americans have been taking on more and more personal debt, saving less and less. Surprise! Our government is going the same way!

You may not have any direct control over the government’s fiscal policy, it’s debt policy, but you do have control over your debt. Some steps are easy, others are harder, but reducing your debt is a wonderful and freeing experience.

Here is an article that will help you – and me – improve your debt situation.




One response

24 06 2008

We live in a democracy. Therefore, government is a reflection of us. We have a lot of debt; government has a lot of debt. But if we as a people decided to stop taking on more debt we will find that our government would do the same as a reflection of us.
But, even with high prices, we are still spending more than we are taking in. We have not learned the lesson of a balanced budget. We need some balanced budget citizens to elect balanced budget representatives.

God Bless!

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