Energy policy FAIL!

24 06 2008

Or at least that’s the way it seems. Instead of a policy to improve energy efficiency, tax credits for alternative forms of energy, and other pro-active policies, we have policies looking to placate the masses, and threats of finger pointing.

Take a look back at the Carter energy policy, and statements he made leading up to the formalization of that policy. They were true then, and are still true.

I clearly remember “the moral equivalent of war”, and the tax breaks for insulating pipes, water heaters, adding insulation to attics, and having to deal with the then-strange higher temperatures in public buildings in the summer, and cooler temperatures in the winter. Along with the energy crisis went long lines at filling stations, odd or even gas days, and other privations.

Today’s solar and wind power energy companies, hybrid fuel cars, and hydrogen fuel cells are the products of Carter’s policies – or at least those parts of the policies that weren’t gutted.

Think of what could have been if Reagan and Bush hadn’t gutted the Carter energy policy, hadn’t joined forces with the bin Laden family, hadn’t turned up the heat in winter and AC in summer.

For more details, for a fuller story, check out this story, and then follow the links to read Carter’s speeches and about his energy policy.




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