Steady now! Steady….. How to hold a camera

24 06 2008

Holding a camera steady is a learned skill. And one that takes time and practice.

Yes, you can carry a tripod everywhere. And there are situations where a tripod is necessary – my son’s wedding, for example. You know the type – the formal set shots of the blushing bride and grateful groom with their respective families, the attendants, just each other, etc.

But there are situations where you don’t have your tripod handy or using it is not convenient – my son’s wedding, for example. You know the type – the casual shots outside of the whole group jumping in the air, or pointing, or walking up the road together, or the ring bearer leaning his head on the flower girl’s shoulder.

So, what kinds of camera hugging and holding exercises should you do? What do you practice? Check out this article from Digital Photography School and find out.

COMMENT: The first item says to exhale completely. In firing a gun the recommendation has been to exhale half way and hold it. That allows the heart to beat without causing your chest to jump, while breathing out the whole way transmits some of the heart beating to the arms. But this configuration of holding the camera vs. holding a rifle may make a difference. Experiment and see which is better for you.




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