This is a car?

25 06 2008

Wow! What a different looking car! And, it gets 150 mpg.

My grandfather was a cabbie in DC back during WWII. One of his buddies got a car – I believe t was a Ford – that he found to be a gold mine. Almost literally. He would take people around and, if they seemed to be reasonably well-to-do, bet that he could get 100 mpg. If they took him up on his offer he would top off his tank and then go sightseeing. At the end of the day he would top off again, and then they would calculate the gas mileage and he would collect his winnings. At some point the manufacturer found out and bought the car back for a tidy sum.

And now we have another car, soon to be production, that is getting gas mileage in the same range.

Neat! And about time!




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