Mac-arcania: Overclocking

1 07 2008

I’m aware of overclocking PCs, but have not heard about overclocking Macs. I don’t know whether that’s because Mac users are not as techie, hands on, let me look under the hood types as much as PC users, or whether the installed base of PCs is so big that the “shade tree mechanic” population in the PC world is large enough for there to be a critical mass that we can all hear them, where the Mac mechanics are a small group of elite who are known only to themselves.

Maybe it’s because Macs don’t lend themselves to being played with, or maybe the perception is that Macs have everything you need, so why bother playing with it: If the Steves wanted you to have it they would have told you you needed it and have given it to you.

Maybe the Intel platform invites more playing, so now people are trying more with the Mac

Whatever the case may be, here is an article on overclocking your Mac.




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