Secrets of the NSA

1 07 2008

Not that it will get me in any trouble since this is public knowledge, having been published in Popular Mechanics, of all places. But it’s geeky stuff anyway, so we’ll give you a bit more, and then a link.

NSA has hackers. These hackers are what many aspire to: the best of the best of the best, SIR! (To shamelessly copy from MIB.) These guys are on Red Teams: the Seals of the internet; the Delta Force of cyberspace; the Fraternity of the ether. (Angelina Jolie played in Hackers, and again in Fraternity. Maybe she’s on a Red Team? Probably, and it was documented in Mr. and Mrs. Smith!) And they were recently offered up for interview when Popular Mechanics asked. Nicely, of course! And you can read about it here.




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