4 day work week: It’s the LAW!

5 07 2008

That’s right, 4 day work weeks are the law in the Beehive state, that paragon of busy-ness, that state with the motto “Industry”, that place in the Great Basin surrounding Salt Lake City: Utah!

A harbinger of things to come in other states? Maybe.

Inconvenient for those who need states services? Definitely.

A shorter work week? No.

And now college students can party from Thursday night through Sunday. Will Friday night football games be moved to Thursday night? What if a college offered Saturday classes? Would they still offer those?

And if everyone is closed on Friday, what will you do? The Honey Do list? What if you need a part? “Sorry, honey, but the store is closed. I guess I’ll put this part on the list and finish it next Friday.”

Well, it will be interesting to see how it works, whether everyone will close, or only selected businesses, or whether they’ll cut everyone back to 4 day work weeks but allow some to shift so there is coverage.

But you can read about it for your self in this CNN article.



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