5 Things

10 07 2008

In the corporate world – and probably in any organization – there are things the boss does not want to hear, and there are things the boss definitely does want to hear. One of the problems of the newly hired is knowing what those are, and how to convey the information.

My single commandment for corporate life is, “No surprises!” The boss does not ever want to walk into a meeting and be asked something about which he has no information because YOU DID NOT TELL HIM. He has enough problems without you sandbagging him. (And I have had lady bosses, and the same commandment applies to her: “NO SURPRISES!!!” I mean no disrespect to the fair gender by calling bosses “he” or “him” when it is almost as frequently – at least where I worked – “she” or “her”.)

But, here are two articles expounding on the list for those who need it – and we all need it, or need reminding from time to time!

These are right on the money. Especially those two bits about “sooner rather than later” and “from my staff”.

Some other time I’ll have to do a blog about “finger pointing”. There are quite a number of things to do there other than playing the blame game. And taking other roads shows maturity, which is all too rare in corporate America at any level.

OK now, get back to work and make your boss proud!




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