7 Habits of a Winner

10 07 2008

The quote at the beginning of the article is interesting, and I’ll repeat it here just because:

Success in life is determined by your ability to go from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. – Winston Churchill

Well, he certainly had a number of failures in his life, so he should be qualified to make that statement, though his page on the quotationspage.com has it stated slightly differently.

Be that as it may, the advice on the 7 Habits of a Winner page is good. It shares a number of euphemisms and old saws, but they don’t diminish the quality of the advice. And once you are practicing these, they will become a habit, and the rest will follow.

The last item, to keep learning, is one of my favorites. And the quote I best like for this was written by Louis L’Amour in The Lonesome Gods: “He who ceases to learn is already a half-dead man.” Those who are learning still retain that spark of curiosity, an interest, are looking beyond themselves at the larger picture and how they fit into it. Those who cease to learn have lost that spark, that curiosity, and have given up trying to improve themselves, given up on life, and are now simply waiting to die.




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