Dress to get that job

13 07 2008

I read an article the other day that college grads are going for job interviews in flipflops, bare midriff tops, microminis, cargo pocket shorts, and anti-work t-shirts. (They would be t-shirts with negative messages, like “Alarm clocks are evil”, “My life is a very complicated drinking game”, “No, I will not fix your computer” and others that would give a prospective boss a reason to think you are not interested in work.)

Work is not a college party, is not college classes, is not the life you’ve been living. Work is making some money so you can pay for rent, food, clothes, a nice car, have a family. Work is being independent, on your own, being responsible. Work is life.

So, as a public service, we provide you with this article about how to dress for work.




One response

17 07 2008
Tom Schavo

Ofcourse as you pointed out, dressing makes a lot of difference to show what you are. Casual dresses for place of interview and so makes you get kicked of immediately.

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