Interview with Ayn Rand

13 07 2008

In 1964 Playboy interviewed Ayn Rand about the books she wrote, in particular Atlas Shrugged. In it she explains her concept of morality and how the Objectivist looks at morality, and all aspects of life.

Certainly it is something to look at and think about, regardless of one’s religious affiliation, as it is a part of the life philosophy of many people.




One response

12 04 2009

I have a copy of the full interview, and it is a great interview. Even if people despise her, one cannot deny that she sticks to her principles and seeks to remove contradictions in the realm of ethics. That’s why I admire her, and she seems to be increasingly popular and controversial. One moment I hear praise from businessman, next I hear dissent from Colbert of the Colbert Report and Stewart of the Daily Show.

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