Top 20 diseases associated with overweight

17 08 2008

A negative Top 20 list here today: the Top 20 list of diseases associated with being overweight.

We know from TV advertising about diabetes, heart and vascular disease, but what are a couple of the others? Depression, erectile dysfunction (the advertising hasn’t hit that one yet, though loosing weight means no drug sales, so we probably won’t hear about that from the drug companies), acid reflux (another no-mention from the drug companies), gall bladder and sleep apnea are a few gathered from across the list.

The full list, with explanations, can be found here.




2 responses

17 08 2008
Dr Barry L. Marks, DC

Nice list… yes we are often reminded of the major ones: diabetes and heart disease, but the others go without much mention.

Thanks for reminding everyone.

18 08 2008
Top 5 financial costs of being overweight « Wondering & Pondering’s Weblog

[…] 5 financial costs of being overweight 18 08 2008 The other day we brought you the Top 20 health costs of being overweight, today we look at the financial side. This article in Newsweek lists 5 financial costs of being […]

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