Top 10 ways to turn your résumé into confetti

1 09 2008

I cracked up when I read this article on the worst job tips ever, and then thought that I need to review my resume, just in case it may have been put through the confetti machine. Virtually, of course, as most of my recent resumes have been emails and attachments.

Some of these are pretty obvious, and I’ve read some resumes that are full of corpspeak. I am not motivated by, or interested in, people who can self-actualize or do cross-functional facilitation of multi-level teams. I can get up in the morning, get to work on time, assess what needs to be done for the day (if I haven’t already done that the afternoon before), and work with people on a variety of management levels to implement the day’s work. In my case it was called the Year 2000 project, and I worked with and organized everyone from the CEO to individual programmers to the people running the corporate jet. (It was a really cool project! One of the most fun I ever worked on!)

Others were less obvious, such as applying only via on-line job searches or ads. Oops! I guess I did need to read this through….




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