What I didn’t learn in programming school

1 09 2008

An interesting article by someone who got a computer science degree, and found three things he wishes he had been taught at school.

One I learned about from a friend. I do not tweak Open Source for my own uses, but I use Open Source applications periodically.

I was fortunate: my company taught processes. And as the processes changed, my company kept up with the changes.

Only one could have been learned in kindergarten. At least the basics could have been learned in kindergarten, but then one of the things techies tend to – at least nerds and geeks in the techie community – is that we are not the most socially adept. However, if it can be taught, we can learn it.

But read the article for yourself for a fuller discussion of these topics.




One response

1 09 2008

This is one reason why I say hell with school when it comes to programming. I learn lots on my own and from other people.

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