To scoot or not to scoot: the counterintuitive anti-green

3 09 2008

Yes, according to this article motorcycles and scooters are bigger polluters than cars, SUVs even. Yes, you read that right: SUVs pollute only 1.1% as much as a motorcycle or scooter.

Doesn’t make sense? Read the article and find out why…




2 responses

3 09 2008

What the hell man?

Your entire post consists of linking to someone else’s article, which is already getting seriously bashed. (read the feed back, he’s well intentioned but not well informed)

Someone made the comment that the author you’re linking to is only spreading LA Times misinformation, and now you’re spreading someone else’s misinformation.

Not only that, but you put a link to this article on that article, with only a link back to the original. Are you that desperate for hits that not only can you not write your own material, but you have to link from the article you’re ripping off?

3 09 2008

Yeah, I do a lot of links. So? I read a lot in a variety of areas, and a number of my friends appreciate me passing on the info.

Do I dig into them and research them? No. Many of them provide links for follow up, and comments by people who are more knowledgeable on the subject than I can be – though some are full of BS or pushing their political or personal agendas.

But that’s all right. People seem to like the kinds of things I have, and so I’m doing them a service. Shoot, I even let people who dis me post their negative comments on my site! I must be desperate….

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