6 09 2008

Well, it really did matter, but not in the way most of us would have expected it to: the anti part mattered more than the matter part did. But the two got to the heart of the matter, and were anti that, and the rest mattered just right, and so all the anti-matter and the matter balanced out, and it sounded just about perfect, in a Through the Looking Glass way.


Oh, the anti-wedding, of course. It was a real wedding, and the couple got hitched, and that is what really mattered. The anti-wedding part was all the anxiety, the planning, the cost, the protest of the current state of wedding madness, and they didn’t have any of that, and in just the right amount, so it all came out just about perfectly balanced.

If you want to know more, understand the depth of thought that went into the planning, the self-searching, the examination of the planners’ reasons for conducting this demonstration of semi-anarchy, you’ll just have to check out the original article in the Washington Post. It is certainly worth reading every word.

I just wish there were more anti-pictures of the festivities.




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