Life Hacks: Top 21 ways to simplify your life

8 09 2008

Here are 21 ways to help simplify your life. Brought you you by Zen Habits.

Some are really slick.

I like #14: 30-day rule, where anything you want goes on a 30-day list, along with the date, and if you still want it 30 days later, then go ahead and get it. I can see where it would seriously help cut down on impulse buying.

We have gotten too cluttered, so #16 is also a great rule: 1 in, 2 out. If you bring something in, 2 things have to go. I’m getting a camera, so my son and his wife have to go. ;^D

Another one I am able to do, but my wife is not, is #9: Go paperless. I can’t go completely paperless, but a lot of my work is such that paper is not a requirement. My wife does accounting, so paper is her life. Of course we both have credit cards bills, utility statements, etc., so we both have some basic administrative files, so we are stuck with some paper. However, I will see what we can do to cut down on the paper we are forced to handle and file.

And one of the best is #7: Start your day with peace. Back in medieval times the monks would arise early and have morning prayer – maybe they still do. A few moments of meditation, prayer, a short devotion, could go a long way to bringing some sanity and peace into our lives, and thence into the lives of those we come into contact with throughout the day.




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