The Next Top 10 UNIX Good Usage habits

9 09 2008

This article – from my favorite Big Blue web site for UNIX documentation – spotlights 10 good usage habits for those of us who are Unix lovers and users.

Actually, these are the 2nd 10, the first already documented by Michael Stutz – complete with link in the article. This set of 10 were selected to help you break the bad habit or two you have allowed to linger on. (Other than this one or two, you are a perfect programmer, and we would expect nothing else from someone as sharp and professional as you are.)

A couple examples – OK, all 10:

  • Use file name completion.
  • Use history expansion.
  • Reuse previous arguments.
  • Manage directory navigation with pushd and popd.
  • Find large files.
  • Create temporary files without an editor.
  • Use the curl command-line utility.
  • Make the most of regular expressions.
  • Determine the current user.
  • Process data with awk.

So now you can be perfect.




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31 12 2008

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