Top 10 Beautiful science experiments

9 09 2008

I’ve always loved science, especially the labs:

  • Using a spark tape to figure out the acceleration due to gravity on Earth. (Electricity doing it’s thing, sparking through paper to give me measurements.
  • String, pulley’s, levers, weights, contraptions, blocks of wood – all to figure out the coefficient of friction of various surfaces.
  • Chalk dust, formulas, arguments with good friends to figure out how this or that could most easily be measured.
  • Lasers, cathode ray tubes, mirrors, electric eyes, impulse generators and long stretches of hallway to figure out the speed of light. (Is my measuring tape accurate? What about the distance between the front surface of the mirror and the back? Oh, we have mirrored front surfaces!)
  • High voltage generators to convert 110V AC to 80,000V AC. Don’t remember the experiment, but do remember the kick it gave me!

This article in the NY Times gives us its list of the 10 most beautiful science experiments. Yup, I’ve done several of them.




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30 11 2008
wan accelerator

John sums up telepresence from a network perspective, “Telepresence is an interactive real- time application, which means it is delay sensitive, loss sensitive and jitter sensitive. This sounds familiar: it is just like VoIP, with the one difference being that it has huge bandwidth requirements.” It’s that last part that makes things more difficult. No form of QoS can allocate bandwidth that doesn’t exist and it doesn’t have provisions to force the application to downscale the experience based on realtime metrics. …

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