Hypermiling – 60 accessories to help

15 11 2008

Yeah, gas prices are sub-$2/gallon now, but why give up hypermiling now? Cutting fuel mileage may not offer the same payoffs that they used to, but if prices head back to the stratosphere those who didn’t pay attention to the warning will be whining. (I’m not sure how, but there are some goldfish out there masquerading as humans: as the price of gas dropped below $2.50/gal the sales of big vehicles picked up! Incredible!)

So, what can we do? How about checking out this article on 60+ mods that will help! The mods are rated for mechanical ability required, gas savings, and initial cost. Which are right for you is up to you.

We’ve seen the writing on the wall, so go help yourself while we have the reprieve.



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