Life lessons from a dying computer

6 12 2008

Yes, life lessons from a dying computer.

To which I can relate, having just had my MacBook Pro fail to start up one morning. Fortunately, I have a certain amount of geekness, so was able to work through some of the life-support issues and have pinpointed the problem: as with the author of this article, a failed harddrive. The replacement has arrived, and has been tested, and will be installed shortly. In the mean time I’m running from a small external harddrive onto which I have installed 10.4 and Firefox.

In some ways the death of a PC is more “natural” in that it mirrors human life more closely. First the PC begins working more slowly – its equivelent of driving 40 in the left lane on the Interstate. Then things begin going wrong – hearing, vision, can’t find the internet, you have to add the printer every time you go to print a document. Finally it gasps, chokes and dies.

The death of my Mac – and I’ve gone through this experience only once, so other types of Mac death may be different – was more like an accident on a lonely road: I was driving along just fine, and the Mac was working happily, I went to sleep, and when I got up the next morning my Mac was in the ditch and wouldn’t start. Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). Not the PC/Microsoft BSOD – there was nothing on this screen. It had gotten – finally – past the grey Apple logo screen with the lines whirling around in that neat little circle and to the blue screen which normally flashes up for an instant before the Aurora Astronomicalus screen popped up. You know, the default OS X screen of stars and galaxies with this fantastic purple/lavendar/fuccia light splashed from screen border to screen border. But I never got there. And the machine wasn’t slow, or weird, or dropping stuff, or anything else. Just, suddenly, it quit.

And so this article on the 5 life lessons learned from a dying computer really struck home.

Read it.

Head it.

Save yourself some agony and mental anguish.




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