50 digital photography & photoshop tutorials

9 12 2008

Digital photography has moved the darkroom to the desk. (Well, my darkroom is still in the basement, but that’s beside the point.)

It used to be that only only the geeks – photog-geeks, that is – could make their pics pop and really look great; the rest of us were stuck with “vacation snapshots”, even when we were using 35 mm film and an SLR. The darkroom guys, of course, can use high contrast paper, dodge and burn the image, tilt the paper tray, and then use hot or cold devoper and other sneeky tricks. (I told you my dark room is still in the basement!)

Now, however, we have digital pics, and computers. And Photoshop(R) and Gimp(R). And these 50 tutorials will help you improve your pics, even if you’re using your phone to take those precious pics.




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