MacBook Pro Harddrive Replacement

11 12 2008

My MacBook Pro harddrive is giving problems, so I began doing some research and found these sites:

The list of tools needed are:

  • A small Phillips screwdriver
  • A T6 Torx screwdriver – available from Amazon, DayDeal, iFixIt
  • A spudger – available from iFixIt, Black Box
  • A printed set of instructions from iFixIt (see above)
  • A roll of Scotch Tape (R), or equivalent, to tape the screws to the appropriate part of the instructions

OK, if you are having harddrive problems with your MacBook Pro, and have some mechanical aptitude, screw up your courage, set aside a couple of hours, and give it a try.

Oh, yeah, you might want to order a replacement harddrive before you open up you machine. Here is a Passport – which has the right drive to swap, and a case to be used for the old drive, if it can be recovered – from, my favorite on-line part shop.




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