A breath of life – for old computers

31 01 2009

Most geeks and nerds* have computers sitting around for parts, to play with, and as components for the server farm in the future.

What do the rest of us do with our old computers? We don’t have the skills to boost them up and make them useable, do we? Well, why not? This article gives a metric dozen** things an ordinary person can do to extend the life of their old computer.

* Assuming, of course, that your particular flavor of geekdom or nerdism is “computer”. In my book, and most of my friends’, a geek or a nerd is someone who has learned the finer points of some niche by their own study into something they enjoy. This would include most hobbists – RC planes, model boats/trains, knots, climbing, canoeing/kayaking, stamps, music, reading, sewing, etc. “Self-taught proficiency” is a key concept.

**Metric dozen, based on units of 10, would be an even 10 items. I know, poor joke, but then it’s the end of the week….




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