Content Management System (CMS) and WordPress

27 04 2009

Ah! Using WordPress to develop a Content Management System!

Of course I assume that you are a geek and know what CMS is, but if you’re not, let me help you out. CMS stands for Content Management System. If you’ve built a website – even a little one – you have some idea of what is involved in building a system, keeping links in place, making sure everything continues to work together. Adding a photo requires that at least the entire page be reworked, and maybe more.If you have a larger site, the complexity and maintenance is compounded.

So, what’s an aspiring web designer to do? Invest in a Content Management System. A CMS can provide templates for things like the header, the menus down the side of the page, buttons and tabs, page layouts, etc. It should components for photo galleries, photos in the header to fade into new photos, a way to handle comments and more.

There are applications for this kind of thing – Joomla and others – but now there is a way to configure WordPress to handle CMS duties.





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